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Nickolls & Perks are Wine & Spirit Merchants consisting of a small, dedicated team including three third generation family members.

Our Philosophy

As a 3rd generation family business we know our longevity is based on four key components;
all of which are kept consistently in focus:

Quality Merchandise

Bordeaux, Champagne, Vintage Port & Whisky are our main specialist areas, we keep a particularly close eye on new developments in these areas. New vintages are assessed regularly and improvements in winemaking and wine makers at certain Chateaux and Domains are recognised as early as possible.

Personal service

Long-term client relationships are the backbone of our business, forged by maintaining a personal touch.

Value for Money

They say perception is reality, well we believe reputation alone is no measure of quality. We are continually looking for wines that push the boundaries of reputation, therein lies value for money.


Business is always adapting to the environment in which we live, we believe in keeping up with new technologies to help us to communicate our message and deliver our goals more efficiently.

Established in the year 1797, the history of Nickolls & Perks has been consistently recorded. Earliest reference to the building which houses Nickolls & Perks Wine Merchants, derives with John Baker, who inherited the family home of 37 High Street Stourbridge in 1697. His windfall included: shop, outhouses, barns, stables, malt house, and washing pool. This was the first reference to trading on this site.

Spinster Hannah Baker together with her three sisters, resided their until 1713, when it was sold onto Thomas Foxhall for £1200. The eighteenth century saw no less than 18 changes of ownership, until 1797, when part of the property was leased to William Nickless for one year at five shillings only. George Richards later picked up the lease, when it became known as "the Liquor Vaults". James Nickolls had rented prior to this new agreement, and is recorded in the early 1830´s as a druggist, grocer and wine and spirit merchant.

The Board Alehouse opened in the 1860´s to complement the existing business, adding Ale and Porter to the range of goods and services offered. James Nickolls had passed on by now, leaving the business to his partner Francis Perks. Francis was licensee until 1928, when Harry Richard Reading took over . The Reading family owned both Nickolls & Perks and the well-known Edward Rutland & Co, at Bordeaux House on the corner of High Street and Foster Street, Stourbridge.

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In 1945 William Gardener Purchased the business and property from the Readings continuing as the premier supplier of wines beers and spirits to the local pubs and clubs. For many years to follow, The Board Vaults Public House was known affectionately as "the corner shop", being the centre of life in Stourbridge, for people to rest and meet socially.

The following thirty years saw many changes in trading conditions, particularly in retailing. The abolition of retail price maintenance and the introduction of super stores and cash & carry type outlets, made life difficult for the established town shops. The company of Nickolls and Perks had to bring itself into new trading times, with a chance to compete with the modern methods of selling.

Fortunately peoples habits were changing in the 1960´s and 1970´s, increasing holidays abroad and new adventure with food, promoted increased demand for table wines, and so the under the guidance of David S. Gardener, son of William, the company decided to throw their efforts into the new wave interest in wine.

It was soon apparent that the very finest wines were about to become in great demand on a universal scale. The family decided to shut the Board Vaults Public House in March 1976, to accommodate the wine trading business, which was already growing rapidly.

David had been interested in learning and educating local enthusiasts in the art of wine appreciation. Stourbridge Wine Society was founded, to this end, in 1970, organising themed wine tastings and visits to the many famous wine growing regions of Europe.

Supermarkets gradually began to eat away at market share across all sectors of the retailing environment through the 1970´s and 1980´s, now accounting for 70% of all wine sales nationally. Concentration on mail order trading and increased specialisation into finer and rarer wines, became the way forward for Nickolls & Perks.

As winners ofthe 1999 Business Link Award for Export Achievement and being acclaimed recently by Which Wine Guide as "The Bordeaux Wine Merchant Specialist of the UK", Nickolls & Perks Ltd are looking forward to the challenges it will face in its fourth trading century as Wine Merchants.

Laying down a cellar of fine wine may once have been the preserve of the super-rich but now it is a fine way to diversify and improve your investment portfolio. Your investment could start from as little as £500 though a more balanced portfolio of wines would start in the £5,000 region. In 1991 a case of Chateau Margaux was selling for £395, on the open market now it sells for £9,000! However you are not going to pop down to your local bargain bucket wine shop, stick their offer of the week in the cellar and wait for the money to stack up. There are rules to be followed, guidelines to be followed.

1990 VintagesOpening PriceRecent Auction Price24 Year % Increase
ChevalBlanc £370 £9,200 2386%
Margaux £400 £8,600 2050%
LePin £780 £40,000 5028%
Lynch Bages £142 £3,000 2013%
HautBrion £324 £6,800 1999%
Latour £370 £6,000 1522%
Leoville Lascases £160 £2,800 1650%
Petrus £1,695 £37,000 2083%
Lafite £376 £7,200 1815%

Wine is a genuinely good investment. At the top end of the market it holds its value very well and, as the example above shows, can produce remarkable returns. As an investment it outperforms stocks and shares, property, works of art and most other investments which are within the reach of an average pension plan. As a commodity it has natural advantages. There will never be another supply of Mouton Rothschild 2005 and every bottle drunk increases the rarity value. It also has tax advantages which are complicated to explain in detail, but essentially the Revenue has ruled that wine is a non-taxable asset providing you are not setting yourself up as a dealer.

Interested? For more information if you´d like us to send out a wine investment brochure or click the image below to download the file.

Nickolls & Perks Client Storage is facilitated at Octavian in Wiltshire, the UK's premier wine storage facility. The conditions at this old munitions base, 100 metres below gound are unrivalled, offering temperature control, In Bond facility and full replacement value insurance. The wines are stored under each clients individual "Protection Plus" account number fully labelled and can only be released or moved with his or her written instructions. No right of lien can be exercised over wines held on each client's behalf. Client's stock, can be inspected, by arrangement, at any time excluding November & December. View our competitve storage charges below, please note all storage charges are subject to VAT at the current rate.

Purchased FromReceiving & Handling FeeCost Per Case Per Year
Nickolls and Perks £4 £10
Third Party £14 £10

Crown Cellars

We are delighted to announce our new storage facility in Hong Kong. Crown Cellars Tuen Mun, is an extension of Crown Cellars' original facility in Shouson Hill, Hong Kong Island, set up in 2001 by partners, Jim Thompson and Gregory De'eb. Wines can be handled for re-distribution within Hong Kong or stored within individual client accounts.

Transfer Costs from the UK to Crown Cellars

Shipments are made from London City Bond Tilbury to Crown cellars once a month(please allow 6 weeks lead time) in temperature controlled vehicles fro £25 per case of 12 bts. for details.

Storage Costs

Wines shipped to Crown Cellars can be stored in perfect conditions on behalf of clients within our storage facility. Please ask for details of storage costs which start from £15 per year for upwards of 10 cases.

Onward Delivery Costs from Crown Cellars within the Hong Kong Area

BottlesHong Kong Kowloon New Territories
1 - 6 £30 £21 £21
7 - 12 £35 £26 £26
13 - 48 £45 £36 £36
49 - 240 £62 £53 £56

Interested in selling some of your wines?

We are keen to source classic European wines with good storage history and particularly with bottle age. Why not add them to our inventory on a broking basis. We only charge a small commission to keep the prices competetive, see our fee scale below - larger cellars are negotiable.

Up to minute valuations of your wines available free of charge.

Email your list to

Price of Case / ItemCommission Percentage
Under £150 20%
£150 - £29915%
£300 - £49912.5%
£500 - £199910%
£2000 - £49997.5%
£5000+ 6%

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