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Loire Valley from Domaine Des Brosses

Domaine des Brosses was established in 1875, 10 kilometres south of the town of Sancerre. It was the Girard family, however, who advanced the winery and vineyards, taking over in 1973. Now run by Nicolas Girard and his brother Anthony, the estate holds 11 hectares, making fresh, modern and aromatic wines. With both brothers having travelled through the wine world, they have use their know-how and experience acquired to establish their classic sancerre.

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Sancerre Domaine Des Brosses
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Located in the hamlet of Veaugues, south of the town of Sancerre, the vines are planted on a soil mix of clay and limestone. This enbales the production of grapes that are rich in fruit, reinforced by a strong mineral backbone and good acidity. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel vats and...
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