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Bordeaux from Chateau Cantemerle

Chateau Cantemerle is among the prestigious wine estates to have been ranked in the 1855 Classification of Bordeaux wine, even if it appears to have been squeezed on to the end of the original document. Unfortunately, towards the end of the 19th century, Cantemerle was in decline. It suffered greatly during the phylloxera epidemic in Bordeaux and by 1981 when it was bought by the Mutual Insurance Division of the SMABTP group only 20 hectares out of 70 hectare vineyard was planted. Nonetheless, it was perfect for investment with its beautiful chateau, wines which showed potential and the 1855 classification which marked it as elite. 

Now,  the 90 hectares under vine which it had in 1855 are again part of the restored Chateau Cantemerle and are producing good yields of high quality grapes. Expert winemakers are using state of the art technology to produce unique, elegant wines in line with the historical classification. 

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Cantemerle 5th Cru Haut Medoc
Case of Bottles (12/75CL)
In Bond
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