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Champagne from Mumm

G.H. Mumm has its roots in a noble family of German wine makers and merchants, based in Cologne under the name 'P.A. Mumm', and founded in 1761. In 1827, after observing the rising popularity of the sparkling wines of Champagne, the Mumm family established a branch of their company in the Champagne region in order to trade in the region's wine. 

Maison Mumm, in seeking the highest possible quality in the wines, had representatives supervising every stage of production and eventually, in 1840, began buying parcels of vines and building their own presses. After taking the reins of the company in 1852, Georges Hermann Mumm renamed the house, G.H. Mumm et Cie and began traveling the world in order to market his Champagnes to the elite on every continent. Cordon Rouge, the flagship label of Mumm was created in 1876. Mimicking the red sashes offered to recipients of the highest French honours, Ordre Royal et Militaire de Saint Louis and the Grand Cordon de la Legion d'Honneur, Georges Hermann sought to associate his wines with these distinguished individuals! The iconic label is easily identified in a few 20th century works of art and Herge's comic series, Tintin! 

The final challenge for Maison Mumm would be the First World War. The Mumm family never acquired French citizenship and were forced to leave France in 1914 as their Champagne winery was confiscated. Walther von Mumm, the former owner, slipped into depression with the loss of his fortune.

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Mumm Cordon Rouge Nv
Case of Bottles (6/75CL)
In Bond
Delivered By: 27/07/2018  
In Bond Product
Price: £120.00
£163.97 Inc Duty & VAT
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G.H. Mumm's entry level Champagne is a bright and refreshing expression of the house style. Citrus and green apple aromas pop from the glass and alongside biscuity character.
Mumm Cuvee Rene Lalou
Bottles (1/75CL)
Duty Paid
Delivered By: 18/07/2018  
Price: £321.30
£267.75 ex VAT
Current Availability: 3
The most exclusive cuvee produced by G.H. Mumm is the Cuvee Rene Lalou. The first vintage of this wine was created in 1966 in honour of the man who would lift Maison Mumm out of the post-war depression and return it to greatness over his 34 year tenure! As well as full restoration and expansion...
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