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St Emilion from Chateau Troplong Mondot

The Mondot estate was owned by the de Sèze family in the 18th century. While the family was famous for defending King Louis XVI before the French Revolution, their reputation extended to the estate and the wines produced at Mondot were highly sought after. In 1850, Raymond-Theodore Troplong acquired Chateau Mondot and worked hard to expand and promote the wine estate. At his death, Edouard Troplong inherited the estate and added Mondot to his own name, thus creating Chateau Troplong Mondot. in 2006, Troplong Mondot was placed among the the First Great Classified Growths of Saint-Emilion. 


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Troplong Mondot Grand Cru Classe St Emilion
Case of Bottles (12/75CL)
In Bond
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Troplong Mondot Grand Cru Classe St Emilion
Bottles (1/75CL)
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Nicknamed the the 'Great Unknown' by the winemakers at Chateau Troplong Mondot due to uneven weather conditions throughout the growing season the 2001 Troplong Mondot appeared to be at risk. However, the it seems to have been given the benefit of the doubt, showing great concentration,...
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