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Highland Single Malt Whisky from Old Pulteney

The most northerly distillery on the British mainland, Pulteney Distillery is one of the few distilleries to be named after a person, Sir William Johnstone Pulteney, who gave his name to Pulteneytown in Wick. Pulteneytown was built (along with the harbour and bridge) by the world-famous engineer Thomas Telford using money confiscated from the Jacobite chiefs after Bonnie Prince Charlie's failed revolution.
Pulteney Distillery is itself one of the most unusual malt whisky distilleries, with the wash still having no swan neck. It is thought that when the still was delivered it was too talll for the stillhouse and the manager simply cut the top of the still off. This combined with the distillery's windswept location and the use of traditional 'worm tubs' to condense the spirit, is credited with contributing to a malt that has been described as "unashamedly excellent" by leading whisky writer Jim Murray.


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Old Pulteney 1990 (#441) - Glasgow Airport Exclusive 58.9%
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A 1990 vintage Old Pulteney released exclusively for Glasgow Airport. The whisky was drawn from a single second fill ex-bourbon cask and was bottled to celebrate the airport's 50th Anniversary. Only 150 were produced. One Per Customer Only
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