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World Whisky from Amrut

Amrut Distillery Amrut Distilleries Limited, the Liquor segment of the prestigious Bangalore-based N.R. Jagdale Group, produces some of the finest Whiskies, Brandies and Rum in India. One of the pioneers of the Liquor industry in India, Amrut Distilleries Limited’s product line includes several premium liquors all of which are the toast of connoisseurs.

From way  back in 1948,  Amrut Distilleries Limited has grown out of its locale in Karnataka to an acknowledged all-India presence. The  launch of its Single Malt in Scotland, christened Amrut Single Malt  - ASM for short -  marked another milestone in Amrut Distilleries Limited ’s quest for recognition for quality. Painstaking selection of malt and grapes, rigid control over quality of alcohol, one of the finest maturation facilities in India with carefully controlled ambience, master blenders to whom liquor is more of a love affair than a job – these are the factors that have turned Amrut Distilleries Limited into a producer of quality liquors.

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Amrut Spectrum 50%
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Spectrum is a limited edition single malt from Amrut, boasting an intriguing character lent by a variety of casks. Ex-Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez and new French, Spanish and American oak casks were all used to create this Indian whisky. 1,000 bottles were produced.
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