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American Whiskey

American Whiskey

American whiskey is made all over the US, producing many types such as bourbon, rye, single barrel, Tennessee, straight wheat, white dog, straight corn, and Single Barrel whiskey. American distilleries often use a number of different grains in their production methods, their whisky can have a range of flavour profiles from the intense spicy rye through to the sweet generous bourbons.

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Blood Oath Bourbon Pact 2 49.3%
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Blood Oath Bourbon has become a very popular whiskey among fans - and this one is a blend of three whiskies. It contains a 7 year old high-rye bourbon, which has been finished in port barrels; an 11 year old wheated bourbon; and an 11 year old high-rye bourbon. It’s bottled at 49.3% ABV.
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