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Chile & Argentina from Bodega Colome

Founded in 1831, Bodega Colome in Salta Provence is placed among the oldest wine estates in Argentina, established by Nicolas Severo who was then the governor of the town of Salta. It was not until 1854 when Severo's daughter married in and her husband brought vines from France, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, that winemaking efforts were truly initiated.  

Rather more recently, in 2001, the estate was bought by Donald and Ursula Hess, rejuvenating the vineyards and the region by bringing this Argentinean winery into their collection. 

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Bodega Colome Torrontes Calchaqui Valley
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Torrontés is the emblematic white variety of Argentina since it is native to the country. It reaches its maximum expression in the north of Argentina where the microclimate of the Calchaquí Valley offers a great thermal amplitude and a greater solar exposition that allow the grape...
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