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Glenfarclas is one of the most renowned Distilleries on Speyside in Scotland. It is also one of Scotland's only family run distilleries. The distillery is Banffshire, a mile or two from the River Spey. The single malt whiskies they own are matured dominantly in sherry butts, aged in the Impressively large onsite warehousing. They have 28 warehouses holding 52,000 precious casks. The woods used for the maturation of their whiskies are never exotic such as port and numerous wine finishes. Retaining their integrity. The distillery uses water from pure springs on the Ben Rinnes mountains.

There is some evidence that there was a distillery on the site over a century prior to Robert Hay founding it in 1836. After Robert’s death in 1865, John and George Grant acquired the distillery, leasing it to the Glenlivet’s John Smith. However John chose to greaten the Cragganmore distillery which was also newly founded at that time. In 1870 Messrs Grant started to run Glenfarclas.

After the distillery strengthened some more in 1960 Glenfarclas built two more stills. Shortly after in 1972, rise in the demand left the onsite floor maltings in a struggle. The distillery however adapted and now has a extensive range which is rather popular in today's market.  Another important range from Glenfarclas not to forget is the Family Casks, released in 2007. Bottling a huge range of vintages from 1952 onwards. The distillery also operates a visitor centre, you should go and visit!

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