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Borgogno begins in 1761 when Bartolomeo Borgogno establishes the wine cellar in Barolo. Remaining in the family until recently in 2008, Borgogno has been seen in the background for much of Italy's modern history, notably Barolo di Borgogno being chosen to accompany the celebration lunch for the complete unifying of Italy in 1861. Recent history demonstrates the philosophy of Borgogno when the charismatic Cesare Borgogno took over management in 1920, where he decided that a portion of the best wines would be stored for twenty years before use.  

Borgogno represents 20 hectares of Barolo vineyards in five prized Barolo Cru producing grapes for natural winemaking. No added yeasts, enzymes or mannoproteins are added to the wines and aging occurs in Slavonian oak.

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Barolo Riserva Borgogno
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Made from 100% Nebbiolo, this natural Barolo wine comes from four of the five vineyard parcels from Borgogno, each one of the best Crus in the region. The grapes were perfectly mature when picked and aged for a year in concrete, and five more in Slavonian oak. Red fruits, leather and floral...
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