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New Arrivals from Chateau Batailley

In 1452 a crucial battle during the Hundred Years War saw the English held Chateau Latour be reconquered by French armies. This battle would inspire the name of Chateau Batailley which would have its first vineyards planted on the bloodsoaked field, some years later. In 1855 Chateau Batailley would be labeled a Fifth Growth in the classification of the Medoc. 

Today, Chateau Batailley is the flagship property among the ten chateaux of the Borie-Manoux empire. 

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Batailley 5th Cru Pauillac [Bottom Neck]
Magnums (1/150CL)
Duty Paid
Delivered By: Tomorrow (if ordered before 12PM)  
Price: £120.00
£100.00 ex VAT
Current Availability: 1
A venerable classifiedPauillac! The magnum format should have advanced the drinking window forward for several years and should be drinking well at the moment! This is the perfect centrepiece to a celebratory dinner!
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