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Chateau Climens is first refered to in a contract document dated in 1547 as a close ally of the French Crown, Girault Roborel, inherited this land from his father and took the name of Roborel de Climens. This family would hold the estate for over 200 years before the French Revolution would damage and devalue the property and necessitate its sale in 1802. Restoration of the estate by the wine merchant, Jean Binaud, saw Chateau Climens' potential reached, being labeled a Premier Cru of Sauternes in 1855. 

Today, Chateau Climens is a biodynamic estate. Reduction in the use of artificial fertilisers and pesticides, minimal pruning and interference during vinification creates wines which are a clearer expression of the terrior! 

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Climens 1er Cru Barsac
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