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Isole e Olena began life as two adjacent but separate wine estates in the Chianti Classico region. These two estates were purchased simultaneously by the De Marchi family in the '50s and combined into the current estate. Paulo De Marchi, came to the estate in 1976 after studying agriculture at the University of Turin and working several harvests in California and in France. He would redesign, modernise and improve the estate over several years, his passion for the vineyards elevating Isole e Olena into greatness! 

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Cepparello Isole E Olena
Case of Bottles (12/75CL)
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When this wine was first created in 1980, it was necessary for a Chianti labeled wine to contain grapes besides Sangiovese and thus theCepparello label was created. This wine is entirely produced from Sangiovese and is aged in French oak for 18-20 months before bottling. This wine carries...
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