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Fine Wine List from Chateau Chasse Spleen

Once part of the larger Haut-Medoc estate, Chateau Grand-Poujeaux, Chateau Chasse-Spleen saw its creation in 1822. The unusual name seems to have its roots in legend, the favourite of which is an exclamation by the poet Lord Byron during a visit in 1821, 'Quel remede pour chasser le spleen', 'what a remedy for hunting the spleen'. Poetically, Byron was insinuating that wine from this estate gave him a feeling of emotional wellbeing. 

The estate was purchased by the Merlaut family in 1976, owners of several other Bordeaux wine estates, who expanded the vineyard area from 40 to 80 hectares as well as increasing vine density and modernising the winemaking facilities. 


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Chasse Spleen Moulis
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