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Fine Wine List from Nicolas Feuillatte

Nicolas Feuillatte is the face of the cooperative union of grape growers, known as Centre Vinicole - Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte. Founded in 1980, the cooperative is the largest in Champagne and represents just over 2,250 hectares of vineyards. For a grower, being a member of CV-CNF gives direct access to consumers and a share in the success of the entire enterprise. Quantity here does not infringe on quality, as each grower picks grapes by hand to minimise oxidation of the fruit, and to carefully select the finest grapes for the wine.

This enormous supply of grapes, sourced from almost every Cru in the region, gives the Nicolas Feuillatte winemakers an unparalleled level of choice from which to make Champagne wines of good quality and consistency, and in numerous styles! 

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Nicolas Feuillatte Palmes D'or
Magnums (1/150CL)
Duty Paid
Delivered By: 22/06/2018  
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Price: £318.00
£265.00 ex VAT
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Palmes d'Or is the most exclusive Champagne wine from Nicolas Feuillatte, sourced entirely from Grands Crus and aged for at least nine years. The magnum format for the '99 here will have preserved more freshness, carrying the depth of flavour with more citrus zing! This is a versatile...
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