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The Philipponnat family have operated in the champagne region for over 500 years, vinegrowers and merchants who supplied numerous members of the French aristocracy, including King Louis XIV. Established in and around Ay, the House now owns 17 hectares of vines which are farmed using traditional methods, by hand or with horses. This maximises the quality of the fruit, and ensures only the best grapes find their way into the wine. 

Philipponnat's signature technique is the use of a solera process; keeping their reserve wines together in oak barrels. extracting portions for blending into their non-vintage Champagnes, before topping them up with the new blend. This means that every bottle of non-vintage Champagne has a portion of wine from their earliest reserves.

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Philipponnat Clos Des Goisses
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Delivered By: 29/06/2018  
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Clos des Goisses both names and describes describes the walled vineyard on some of the steepest slopes on the south facing hillside of the Mareuil-sur-Ay. The blend is usually around 65% Pinot Noir with 35% Chardonnay, partially vinified in oak with no malolactic fermentation, and a low...
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