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France from Domaine La Soufrandise

Domaine la Soufrandise is a small, six hectare, estate located in the centre of the Pouilly-Fuisse appellation. In order to create an authentic expression of the terrior, the team uses techniques which offer the least interference with the vines such as hand pruning, using manure fertiliser and minimising chemical spraying. The vines on the estate are remarkably old, with half over 45 years and they are spread over several climats allowing excellent selection opportunities. 

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Pouily Fuisse Vielles Vignes Dom de la Soufrandise
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The foundation of La Soufrandise's reputation is the vielles vignes cuvee. The blend is carefully built from wines from the oldest vines in the best plots in Fuisse. This is a rich and elegant wine ideal with salmon and hard cheeses.
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