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France from Les Vins de Vienne

Vienne is a small town in the northmost tip of the Rhone Valley. Its local vines were devastated during the Phylloxera crisis at the end of the 19th century and have only been truly revived in very recent years. Three vintners are responsible for rejuvenating the Seysseul vineyard, each passionate about winemaking and each taking their individual skills and experiences to form the ultimate winemaking team! 

Yves Cuilleron is an instinctual winemaker, preferring to do what he feels is right rather than following traditional methods or copying others. This, he believes, does not make perfect wine, but makes distinctive wine. 

Pierre Gaillard's focus is the land. Organic fertilisers, phyto-sanitary methods and careful tilling of the soil is how he believes the quality and uniqueness of the grapes can be maintained. 

Francois Villard seeks to understand the terrior and is willing to adapt his methods every year in order to produce grapes of the highest standard.


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