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France from Gosset

Of all the Champagne Houses which maintain production today, Gosset is the oldest. Traditionally the Gosset family had exclusively been wine merchants; trading in the red and white still wines of Champagne. Pierre Gosset stepped away from his family business in 1584, to become a name in wine-making. Many years later, in the 18th century, Gosset followed the new trend to create sparkling wines.

The Gosset style is noticable, even with blind tasting, as there is no use of malolactic fermentation. In fact, malolactic fermentation is forbidden according to their 'Charter of Excellence'. As a result, Gosset's wines have more of their bright fruit character and fresh acidity left intact. Otherwise, those fortunate enough to have their eyesight intact and a bottle in view can not be mistaken of what they are drinking! 


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Gosset Brut Excellence Gift Boxed
Bottles (1/75CL)
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Delivered By: 22/06/2018  
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The Brut Excellence by Gosset is a wonderful introduction to the style of the house! It is bright and lively with ripe apples and pears, subtle floral notes and chalky minerality. No malolactic fermentation preserves the wine with a refreshing briskness! Perfect chilled on its own or with simple...
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