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Special Offers from Bodegas J Belmonte

In our search for interesting wines from Ribera de Duero where quality in undeniable but value for money less prvalent, we came accross Bodegas J Belmonte which on the face of it is very inconspicuous outside of the region. The wines are discernably inginenous, from vines as old as 100 years, the vineyard located in the special village of Gumiel de Mercado from where many of the regions finest wines hail. The ethos here is to make wines round and balanced.

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Ribera Del Duero Seleccion Bodegas J Belmonte
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The red wines of Ribera are amongst the finest in Spain, and this limited edition prestige cuvee from Bodegas J Belmonte is just the wine to epitomize this statement. Dark, intense, packed full of flavour, and with great detail and length. Released with several years bottle age to soften the...
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