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Louis Roederer was born in 1809 and would later establish himself as a successful entrepreneur and patron of the arts. His relationship with the eponymous Champagne house began in 1833, after he was chosen to inherit the business, formerly known as Maison Dubois, by his uncle. 

Roederer made it his goal to have every aspect of Champagne production under expert supervision, even deviating from the normal practice of buying grapes from growers to buy land in the region's best areas. The Roederer style and high quality saw business flourish worldwide; Louis Roederer's son, Louis Roederer II, matched his father in both passion and talent, and upon assuming management of the house, success continued. 

In 1870, their most famous customer, Tsar Alexander II of Russia asked Louis Roederer II to reserve for him the best wines, exclusively for his personal consumption. This exquisite Champagne was held in flat-bottomed, lead-crystal bottles, crafted from specifications set by the Tsar himself in order to better view the colour, effervescence and any hazards which concern a non-democratic ruler of a nation. The wine, known as Cristal, lost its royal commission in 1917, but would not be available for public consumption until 1945. 

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Louis Roederer Brut Premier [Gift Packs]
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The turmoils of the start of the twentieth century - most notably the First World War, destroyed more than half of the Louis Roederer estate. This led Leon Olry Roederer to restore his vineyard and buy in grapes to guarantee continuity during periods of crisis. In doing so, he produced numerous...
Louis Roederer Cristal [Gift Boxed]
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Louis Roederer Cristal, known better as just Cristal, was created by the Roederer house in 1876 for the RussianTzar AlexanderII. This is a truly great special Cuvée and along with Dom Perignon and Krug is probably the greatest Champagne in the world.
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