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Languedoc Roussillon Wines - South West France

Evidence of wine growing by the Greeks as early as the fifth century BC makes this. along with parts of Provence, the oldest wine-growing region in France. It is in fact also the single biggest wine-growing region in the world extending from the Spanish border in the South to Provence in the east with over 2800 km2 under vine. But much of the wine produced is uninspiring, destined to end up as part of the huge European wine lake. As a result thousands of acres are being grubbed up to make way for fruit production. There is fortunately a simultaneous investment in best quality sites, producing wines which are capable of competing at the highest level. Recognition of this was underlined in the results of Decanter Magazine’s 2011 world wine awards, which named Languedoc-Roussillon the most successful French Wine Region.

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M Chapoutier 'Occultum Lapidem' Domaine de Bila-Haut
Bottles (1/75CL)
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Delivered By: 30/05/2018  
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In Latin, 'Occultum Lapidem' means 'secret stone', describing the nature of the rocky soil; gneiss, limestone and chalk. In this perfect cocktail of minerals lies the foundations for producing spicy Syrah, herbaceous old vine Grenache and crisp, mineral Carignan under the careful...
Chapoutier Cotes Du Roussillon Bila-Haut V I T Red
Case of Bottles (6/75CL)
In Bond
Delivered By: 04/06/2018  
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Price: £155.00
£201.59 Inc Duty & VAT
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From the relatively new and audacious Chapoutier project in Latour de France, Roussillon. It is a blend of Grenache (65%) and Syrah (35%) from the Domaine de Bila-Haut. This boldterroiris composed of stony soils, giving smooth and spicy Syrah, and providing for garrigue rich Grenache (70 year old...
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