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Spain & Portugal from Bodegas Brotons

Bodegas Brotons are one of only 11 wineries regulated to produce the exceptional Fondillon wine, previously known simply as Alicante. To exclusivy this honour even further, there are only 10 hectares of vineyard so delegated to be farmed for its production. These protected 100% Monastrell vineyards are ancient, many of the vines over a hundred years old. The production process is steeped in tradition, hand harvesting, treading of the grapes, aging for a minimum of 10 years in large oak foudres from 220 to 2000 litre capacities, use of indigenous only yeasts, all contribute to the elevage of a truly unique style of wine which at forty plus years old takes on the complexity stylistic semblances of a fine old Madeira, and it isnt even fortified!

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Gran Fondillon Gran Reserva
Bottles (1/75CL)
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Delivered By: 30/05/2018  
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Another great ancient vintage of old Monastrell vines from this jewell of a vineyard in Alicante. It is surprisingly not a fortified wine which you might expect when you taste it, for me particularly Madeira like. Quite a revelation.
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