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Spain & Portugal from Martin Codax

The winery was founded in 1986 as a cooperative with fifty local growers and named after the medieval Galacian performer, composer and songwriter, Martin Codax. The first wines were greatly enjoyed and to increase production and to maintain supply of high quality Albarino grapes, Martin Codax acquired its own vineyards and made long term deals with growers. Today Martin Codax manages 1400 vineyard parcels farmed by 550 families in the Rias Baixas region.

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Bierzo, Mencia, M. Codax, Cuarto Pasos Castillo Y Leon
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Inspiration for this wine came from four bear tracks found in one of the highest hillside vineyards in Bierzo, hence Cuatres Pasos 'Four Steps'. It is made from rigorously selected Mencia grapes, sourced from the oldest vineyards in the very same hillside. This wine is cherry red with a...
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