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Alsace Wines

Alsace like so many vineyard famous areas is a beautiful place. The culture here is diverse, lying as it does at the crossroads of France Germany and Switzerland. The wines, equally diverse are in fact more akin to Germanic roots with beautiful Riesling. They cover very dry to super sweet, and though much favoured for their white wines, they do make some admirable Pinot Noir. Known as the wine merchants tipple, they are often maligned as a difficult sell, but quality shows through and they keep coming back. 

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Gewurztraminer Vieilles Vignes Cuvee Michel Leon Arthur Metz
Case of Bottles (6/75CL)
In Bond
Delivered By: 02/03/2018  
In Bond Product
Case Discounts Available
Price: £40.00
£63.59 Inc Duty & VAT
Current Availability: Good
Pinot Noir Rouge D'Ottrott Arthur Metz
Bottles (1/75CL)
Duty Paid
Delivered By: 27/02/2018  
Price: £10.80
£9.00 ex VAT
Current Availability: 1
This is a delicious Alsacian Pinot Noir, full of fresh and juicy red fruits! Cool this down a bit before drinking, and enjoy alongside grilled white meat or game!
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