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American Single Barrel Whiskey

These whiskies have been aged in a single barrel and bottled without being blended with other American whiskies. Often you might also see 'barrel strength' which means the whiskey has come straight from the barrel into the bottle without the ABV (alcohol by volume) being reduced first, the same as 'cask strength' if you like. due to the way these whiskies have been natured the result is a high level of complexity. 

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Hancocks Presidents Reserve 44.45%
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Willett Pot Still Single Barrel 1.75L 47%
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A giant version of Willett Pot Still Single Barrel bourbon, in it's pot-still shaped bottle. Smooth, nutty, hugely flavoursome, this is a very well known single barrel bourbon from Kentucky bourbon Distillers, presented in a 1.75 litre bottle.
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