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Small Batch American Whiskey

There is no real legal term for American Small Batch Whiskey, but there are few out there that are produced in much smaller batches than others. Usually Limited Edition releases. Well known small batch whiskies would be Four Roses, Pappy Van Winkle's Family Reserve and Knob Creek.

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Four Roses Small Batch - Barrel Strength 2014 55.9%
Bottles (1/70CL)
Duty Paid
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Price: £175.50
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The 2014 Small Batch is here! Following on from the Four Roses 125th Anniversary Edition the previous year, this Limited Edition barrel strength bottling is a steep 55.9%. Another Impressive, highly sought after bourbon from the US. One Per Customer Only
George T. Stagg Bourbon (2014 Release) 69.5%
Bottles (1/75CL)
Duty Paid
Delivered By: 30/05/2018  
Price: £570.00
£475.00 ex VAT
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The annually sought after Antique Collection from the Buffalo Trace distillery brings you the Geroge T. Stagg. For the 2014 release it has been bottled at a hefty 69.1% ABV. This bottle of bourbon is a highly-collectable item. One Per Customer Only
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