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Irish Single Pot Still Whiskey

Single pot still whiskey must be distilled in a certain type of still called pot stills. The mash always consists of both malted and unmalted barley, which results in a unique character. The whiskey must also be produced from one single distillery and you won't come across this style of whiskey any where else around the world as it's exclusively made on Ireland. 

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Redbreast 12 Year Old 40%
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This single pot still Irish whiskey has bagged more medals than you can count on both hands. Redbreast 12 Year Old is not just a favourite here at Nickolls and Perks, it's also one of Jim Murray's too. The nose offers lots of fruit and nut, followed by a very well-balanced palate of...
Redbreast 15 Year Old 46%
Bottles (1/70CL)
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Seductive soft fruit wrapped in a hard barley shell. A slight soapy blemish, but minor, soft hints of citrus amid pulsing grain. Stunning clarity and delicate spice.
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