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The Closed Distilleries

These bottlings come from distilleries that have been mouthballed or knocked down for good, due to many reasons most of which down to the changes in economy over past centuries. The number of active distilleries in Scotland has seen a huge reduction. US prohibition was also a large factor, exporting whisky to the states was a significant part of Scotch producers income. 

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Littlemill 26 Year Old 1988 Old & Rare (Hunter Laing) 53.5%
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A Hunter Laing bottling of single caskLittlemill 26 year old single malt. The whisky was initially distilled at the distillery in November 1988, left to mature in a single refill hogshead (Cask 14552) for at least 26 years before being bottled at natural cask strength in March 2015, as part of...
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