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Scotch Single Malt Whisky

These are whiskies that have been distilled at one distillery only, aged for at least three years and bottled above 40% abv. No grain whiskies can sit within this character, only those that have been made purely with malted barley.

There are six regions where Scotch single malts are produced, these typically define the style and character of the whiskies. Speyside and Highlands are renowned for those rich and fruity styled whiskies, whilst Islay is home to the peat smoke. 

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Ben Nevis 25 Year Old 1990 Cask 1 - Taketsuru's Single Cask
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25 year old Ben Nevis single malt Scotch, filled from the first cask Takeshi Taketsuru lay down at the distillery, after Nikka bought the site in 1989. The whisky was put into an ex-bourbon barrel (after it'd been serviced back to fresh oak), left aside to mature until just 235 bottles were...
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