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Scotch Single Malt Whisky

These are whiskies that have been distilled at one distillery only, aged for at least three years and bottled above 40% abv. No grain whiskies can sit within this character, only those that have been made purely with malted barley.

There are six regions where Scotch single malts are produced, these typically define the style and character of the whiskies. Speyside and Highlands are renowned for those rich and fruity styled whiskies, whilst Islay is home to the peat smoke. 

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Port Ellen 32 Year Old 1983 (Special Release 2015) 53.9%
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Port Ellen distilled in 1983, the year of the distilleries last production days. This is a rare 32 year old single malt Scotch from Islay's lost distillery is the 15th Special Release bottling. The whisky was matured in European Oak butts with an outturn of just 2,964 bottles. One Per...
Port Ellen 37 Year Old 1979 - Special Releases 2017 51%
Bottles (1/70CL)
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Delivered By: 23/04/2018  
Price: £2,620.00
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One of four closed distillery bottlings in Diageo's 2017 Special Releases and it's the oldest Port Ellen released to date too! This extraordinary Islay single malt was distilled in 1979 and later matured in both refill American oak hogsheads and butts. Just 2,988 bottles were...
Port Ellen 37 Year Old 1978 (Special Release 2016) 55.2%
Bottles (1/70CL)
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Delivered By: 23/04/2018  
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Price: £2,495.00
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The 16th release is the oldest bottling of Port Ellen released to date. This 37 year old, dawn from American oak hogsheads and European oak butts, was released as part of Diageo's 2016 Special Releases. A highly sought-after single malt from the much-loved distillery onIslay, which closed in...
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