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New Make Spirit

New Make Spirit is essentially whisky that hasn't been aged for the minimum duration of time to be legally called single malt. The great thing about this spirit is that it allows whisky drinkers to taste what is to come in the near future from the distillery, or experience the whisky back to it's bare ingredients. some distilleries release New Make Spirit to promote the style of what the distillery will be offering in their whisky once aged for at least three years in oak. 

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Glenglassaugh The Spirit Drink That Dare Not Speak It's Name
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…Speak Its Name…''Good enough to drink'' states the web site. But if you do not think so, perhaps you will give it a name. We liked it. Great to have this distillery producing again( from 2008) after 22 years in the picturesque Portsoy wilderness.
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