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Blanc de Blancs Champagne from Champagne Delamotte

Champagne Delamotte shares much of its history with Champagne Lanson, as the two estates were founded as one by Francois Delamotte in 1760 and inherited by Nicolas-Louis Delamotte. Jean-Baptiste Lanson, a long-time friend and business associate of the Delamotte family, would succeed Nicolas-Louis on the latter's death and rename the estate Maison J.B. Lanson. 

The house of Delamotte was not completely integrated into Lanson and its remains were inherited, in 1924, by widow Marie Louise de Nonancourt, of the Lanson family, who wished to revive the house. One of her first wise business decisions was to relocate operations to Mesnil-sur-Oger, the capital of Chardonnay in the region. Further developments were the puchases of Laurent-Perrier in 1924 and later, by her son in 1988, the house of Champagne Salon.  

Today, Delamotte and its neighbour, Salon, are managed in unison with Salon effectively being the prestige cuvee of Delamotte. If Salon is not made, then the grapes are used in Delamotte's wines. 

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Delamotte Blancs de Blanc NV
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Champagne Delamotte is famed for its excellent use of Chardonnay, and this reputation is exceedingly clear with their Blanc de Blancs creations. This is an exceedingly crisp and clean wine with delightful freshness; a picture of elegance! This cuvee is created from grapes sourced exclusively...
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