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Christmas Champagne Offers from Moet & Chandon

Moet & Chandon is among the largest producers of Champagne, covering 1150 hectares of vineyards, 75% of which are at least Grands Crus. This enormous amount of land allows Moet to produce nearly 30 million bottles annually and gives choice of hundreds of wines to maintain consistancy in its flagship labels! 

Founded as Moet et Cie in 1743 by wine maker Claude Moet to relieve the frustration of trading with the world through distributors, by doing it himself! Quickly, Moet Champagne found itself onto the tables of aristocrats around Europe and to some in the Americas! On his death in 1792, Claude Moet left the company to his grandson, Jean-Remy who would be largely responsible for what Moet has become today!

Moet's later success can be largely attributed to Jean-Remy's relationship with Napoleon Bonaparte, after hosting a grand dinner for the new Emperor of the French in 1804. Fame grew, and few of Europe's aristocrats and royalty would travel in or out of Paris without a brief sojourn through Epernay to the guest houses of the world's most famous winemaker. Demand for Moet Champagne came in floods from a star studded customer list; production had to increase accordingly! 

Retiring in 1832, Jean-Remy Moet handed the reins to his son, Victor, and son-in-law Pierre-Gabriel Chandon de Briailles. To celebrate this partnership, the company was renamed Moet et Chandon. Under their direction and those who would follow, Moet & Chandon grew further, even through minor setbacks during the World Wars. Today Moet & Chandon is part owner of the luxury goods giant LVMH after merging with Hennesy Cognac and fashion house Louis Vuitton, operating independantly from the conglomerate. 


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