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Gin and Genever from William Chase

William Chase is a British farmer and entrepreneur famous for creating the Tyrell's Crisps brand and the Chase Distillery. 

Initially, Chase sold the potatoes from his Herefordshire farm to supermarkets, but struggled with demands for lower prices and with much of his produce being rejected on aesthetic grounds. Inspired by a crop being sold to Kettle Foods for their potato crisps, William Chase decided to create his own brand and, in 2002, Tyrell's was born. 

In 2006, Chase sold the now extremely popular Tyrells and invested in his own distillery in order to create Chase Vodka from potatoes. The first batch was bottled in June 2008 and followed shortly after by the first 'single-estate' gin, produced in the UK. Chase is now one of the worlds premium vodka and gin brands, and has extended its range towards several other excellent flavoured vodkas and gins, and liqueurs. 

The Williams Chase brand purchased Chateau Constantin in 2012 and began creating biodynamic wines from the remarkably old vines represented by the estate. While based in the Provence region, Maison Williams Chase also vinifies wines from Southern Rhone and Burgundy. 

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Chase Summer Fruit Cup 20%
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One of the latest creations from Chase, the Summer Fruit Cup combines their delicious gin with elder flower, raspberries and blackcurrants to produce a refreshing spirit perfect for summer. Mix with plenty of ice, lemonade or ginger ale and serve in a tall glass. Another fine gin from Chase!
Williams Chase Elegant Crisp Gin 48%
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Chase gin is truly single estate from field to bottle.The Chase Distillery press organically grown cider apples, fermentthem into cider, distil into vodka then re-distilthis into gin by infusing eleven carefully selectedwild botanicals and naturally pure water takenfrom the aquifer that runs...
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