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Gin and Genever

Gin and Genever

Gin is one of the greatest spirits there is to offer, commonly consumed in a Gin and Tonic or a Martini of some sort. The characteristics of gins are vast due to the many botanicals used in the production today and the non-strict choice of neutral spirit a distillery can use. The infusion of the botanicals give the gin the refreshing essence that appeals to people all over the world. The only botanical that must be included in the distilleries choice of mix is juniper whilst others can range from cinnamon through to orris root, there is no limit to the number you can use.

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Dyfi Original Gin - Season 2016 Batch 2 45%
Half Litres (1/50CL)
Duty Paid
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£23.29 ex VAT
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Small batch gin made using botanicals sourced from the woodlands and fields that surround the distillery in theDyfiValley of Wales. They use just two100 litrestills, this is their second batch from the 2016 season - a distillery exclusive.
Dyfi Pollination Gin 45%
Half Litres (1/50CL)
Duty Paid
Delivered By: 25/04/2018  
Price: £35.35
£29.46 ex VAT
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Made with 29 different botanicals the Dyfi distillery have made a cracking gin here. For the Pollination release they've foraged most of the botanicals locally and rest are picked from Mount Snowdon. Impressive work from this tiny Welsh distillery.
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