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Vintage Champagne from Henriot

After relocating from Lorraine to Champagne in the 1640s, the Henriot family began a brokerage business, specialising in fine textiles and wine. While the company bought and invested heavily in vineyards, it was not until 1794 that the Henriots took a deeper interest in the creation of quality wines. This change was brought about by Nicolas Henriot's marriage to Apolline Godinot, a woman who was passionate about the creation and enjoyment of high quality wines. At Nicolas's death in 1808, the widow would found Veuve Henriot Aine, and continually improve and develop the vineyards and winemaking facilities. This hard work would be recognised; in 1850, Henriot would be named the official supplier of Champagne wines to the Imperial and Royal Courts of Austria!

Henriot's wines are generally dominated by Chardonnay and thus the house style is crisp and highly elegant! The most exclusive cuvee is the Henriot Cuve 38, initially created in secret from a portion of the best Chardonnay wines created each year. Each annual release of 1000 magnums contains wine from every vintage since 1990! 

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Henriot La Cuvee Des Enchanteleurs
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Cuvee des Enchanteleaurs is always a blend of equal parts of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, both varieties sourced exclusively from Grand Cru sites! The name 'Enchanteleaur' refers to the cellar workers who had the role of lifting the wooden casks on to the 'chantiers' or gantries....
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