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Vintage Champagne from Lanson

In 1748, an aristocrat from Reims named Francois Delamotte married Marie Claude Therese Bourgongne who was the heir to a large collection of vineyards in Ay. These vineyards had been the source of many Champagne wines for many years and in 1760, Delamotte founded what would become the Champagne House of Lanson. Delamotte's younger son, Nicholas-Louis a Knight of Malta, was responsible for the Maltese Cross emblem when he took ownership in 1798. Jean-Baptiste Lanson succeeded Nicholas-Louis in 1837 and created the name, House of Lanson. The house would remain in the Lanson family until 1980.

Lanson has been the official supplier of Champagne to the British royal family since 1900.

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Lanson Red Label
Magnums (1/150CL)
Duty Paid
Delivered By: 27/06/2018  
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The House of Lanson only produce a vintage Champagne when it has been an exceptional year. Red Label branding is exceptionally rare.
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